Friday, April 19, 2013

KCW... Spring 2013!

Kids Clothing Week(Sewing one hour every day on clothing for kids) is starting on Monday over at Elsie Marley!  I know you have been waiting for it to come around again...  So... raid your fabric stash... get out that pattern you've been wanting to try... and come sew with me(and a bunch of other talented crafters).  This will be my 4th time joining in, and I've got to say it has been a huge motivator.  I am always amazed at how much I get done(even when things don't go so well)... and it always feels good to cheer each other on.  Here is a peek at what I've done in the past...
I can't say that I am prepared for next week yet... but I am ready in spirit!  When day1 comes, if I have to spend my hour coming up with a game plan... and cutting things out...well that's still working on kids clothing... Right?(I can't be the only procrastinator out there...).

See ya back here on Monday... and I'll give you a report on the progress...

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