Monday, April 23, 2012

Get ready... Get Set... Sew! Day1

Well... it's Day1 of  the Kids Clothes Week Challenge, and I'm already feeling the pressure...  Mostly because I played over the weekend... instead of prepping for this week... (you caught me I'm a total procrastinator)  So, today's hour was spent cutting things out...  The good news... I've now got everything ready for the week!  Yay!  Here is a look at what I am going to be working on...
I am making the shorts from this pattern...  with a little added
flare(check back tomorrow for my how to)  The fabric of course is vintage...

I just about died when I snatched up this vintage 70's nautical knit
fabric(and at a steal for .50)  I instantly knew it was going to be a shirt
for my daughter... but it took laying out three patterns before I could
find something that worked for the amount I had...
(this dress also can be shortened for a shirt)

I love a good wrap skirt... My daughter has never had one... So I found this pattern, and it is reversible...  I think that the flowers with polka dots is a perfect combination...

For my boy... who always seems to get left out(when it comes to making stuff)... I am going to try to make a sweat shirt out of this other 70's knit I found... 

That is how my first day went!  If your joining me this week, I hope your hour was a little more productive than mine...   Tomorrow is a new day... and a new hour...  Wish me luck!
P.S.  Post your progress to my flicker group here... I'd love to see it!

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