Monday, April 16, 2012

Adding some spring to my wardrobe... but leaving more money in my wallet...

I don't know if I have ever mentioned before my obsession with the store Anthropologie...  I feel like it is my own personal play ground... I find inspiration in everything from their window displays... to the clothes... furniture... and styling...  The first time I ever walked into one of their stores, it was like an out of body experience... It was like they climbed inside of my head, and knew my every thought/wish...  That being said, it is a bit on the pricey side for my thrifty sensibilities...  However I do recognize the quality, therefore I ether buy on sale... off of Ebay, or better yet... try to make it myself...

I thought I would share with you some of my resent Ebay acquisitions... and a few tips for those of you that are a little wary of buying off of Ebay...

This cute shirt... By Edme and Esyllte...  I paid only $3.99 for it... plus $2.45 in shipping... For a total of $6.44!  Not even close to the original price... this top by far is the best steal I've found on Ebay
 *** Tip #1... While you may score a good bidding price... be sure to look at the shipping cost before you bid!  When you add the two together they may not be such a good bargain... I try to stay around $5, and some people offer free shipping***

This sailor top by Floreat I scored for $13.49 ($8.49 purchase+ $5.00 in shipping) 
*** Tip #2 ...While most of the clothes are used (or NWT new without tags),  I only buy items that have good pics!  Out of focus pictures make me feel like their hiding something...  that being said, most seller's want good feed back, and will state in their listing if there are any flaws on the garment... it could be as minor as a missing button***

This light weight shirt by Pilcro and the Letter Press... I picked up for $12 ($6 bid and $6 shipping)
 *** Tip #3 ...Know the Brand and READ the item description!  While searching for clothes from Anthropologie, I did come across many items that named Anthropolgie in the description, but weren't actually from the store... so read, and research if you are unsure***

This cute skirt by Sitwell...  I purchased for $10.96 ($6.99 + $3.97 for shipping)
***Tip #4 ...Know your measurements, and buy accordingly...If your waist measurement is 30"... but the pants your looking at are 28" DON'T tell your self they might stretch... you can't return them and then your suck with something you can't wear...  I will not bid on items that don't list it's measurements.  There is just to much of a variation to go by size alone.***

While this skirt boast no frills, I was in need of a black skirt...  and it has pockets!  At $15.73 it was my most expensive purchase ($9.25 + $6.48 for shipping)... but it is a good basic made by Odille, and I'm willing to spend a little more for quality...                                     *** Tip #5 Waiting until the last minute to place your bid...  Some auctions are up for days, so each person that bids on it raises the price... I prefer watching items (this creates a list of items that you can edit and compare...and my phone is set up to give me a reminder when the auction is down to the last few minuets... I love technology!)... and then I swoop in at the last minute (OK that might be a bit dramatic, but bidding on an auction can make me a little giddy)... I've gotten some real bargains that way***

After it was all said and done... (meaning I've cut myself off from looking at any more auctions... self control... deep breath...)  My spring shopping spree cost me $58.62!  Wow... for the regular price of a tee shirt at Anthropologie, I got 5 great pieces (while from seasons past...) from some of my favorite designers...  I hope this post can ease your fears about buying from Ebay... I'm sure you can find some great deals too...  just know your sizing, and stick (key word) to your $$$ limits...
Come shop with me!

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