Wednesday, December 7, 2011

No SEW Christmas tree skirt...

My friend came to me a couple of weeks ago, and told me I had to check out this Christmas tree skirt she pinned on Pinterest...  I of course (being the crafting junkie that I am) jump right on the band wagon.  So yesterday we got out our glue guns... and here's what we came up with...
The supplies that you will need are...
4 1/2 X 4 1/2 ft piece of canvas (or heavy fabric) for base 
*I only had a 4ft piece so that's what I used
3 1/2 yards of linen cut into 2inch strips lengthwise
*since I was trying to use what I had on hand I just 
cut out 23strips 2inches wide, and 42inches long
(if you don't have pieces long enough... just cut out more)
Glue gun/glue sticks
Measuring tape
My fabric choices... old lace curtain, vintage Christmas fabric, and canvas

First step... measure and cut out a square piece of canvas that measures
4 1/2ft X 4 1/2ft (54 X 54inches)

Step 2... fold in half

Step 3... fold in half again lengthwise

Step 4... Then fold one corner(raw edge not the folded side) down to make a triangle

Make sure your tip is all folded edges... the bottom should be all raw edges...

Step5... using a plate, trace a quarter circle... then cut off the tip along the traced line 

Step 6... tie a scrap or piece of string around your pencil... Holding the end of string at the tip, and your pencil at the corner... start tracing your bottom curve, coming out toward the other folded edge... making sure to keep your pencil taunt against the string so you get a nice quarter circle

Step 7... now cut out your bottom curve

Step 8... open up canvas so that it's only folded in half

Step 9... cut ONLY ONE folded edge... this will be your opening to get it around the tree trunk 
Step 10... now we are ready cut out strips... with your ruler mark 2inch segments width wise

 *I prefer ripping the strips, because they fray better... but the lace I had to cut... either way is fine
Step 11... starting at the open edge...  1 inch from the bottom run a bead of glue about 3-4inches long

Step 12... overlapping the bottom edge 1/2inch... place your strips of fabric over the hot glue... pinching as you go to create ruffles... *please note that if you make tight ruffles you will need more fabric

*what the ruffling should look like...
Step 13... keep applying your rows of ruffles... starting at the edge... and working your way around to the other edge, until the canvas is completely covered   

*the backside edge view

*if needed you can trim the canvas on trunk opening so you have a clean edge
This was such a fun and easy project... (Thank you Lisa for the idea!) I can envision so may variations.  If you are trying to be thrifty like me this Christmas, I was easily able to figure out how to make what I have on hand work...   If needed, I think you could also make a smaller version to cut down on cost...  I hope this gets you in the Holiday spirit... I've got more ideas if time allows... And as always, if you have any questions or need advise...  I'm just a comment away, and would be more than happy to help...

P.S. Here is how my friends turned out... she used lace, muslin, and added ties... Too cute!

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  1. These turned out great! I am hiding from ruffles may have to help me finish my shower curtain in January! ;-)