Sunday, September 23, 2012

Lego Star Wars Birthday Party...

My son is a Lego fanatic... So, just a run of the mill Star Wars party is not going to cut it...  It had to be a Lego Star Wars Party! 
I started at and downloaded their printable Star Wars"stickers"(not sure why they call them this, because it's just an image) and enlarged them to fit a full page...  Add some black streamers and glow sticks... and it's a party!
By far the coolest idea I've ever come up with... DYI Lightsabers (Thanks to my awesome hubby for making it a reality!)  Using odds and ends of PVC pipe we started out with clear PVC, inserted into a slightly larger white PVC pipe, and then glued an end cap in place... Drop a glow stick necklace in from the top(I just taped over the end, so you could easily replace the glow stick)... Add a custom handle wrap... and your ready for battle...
Like I said... Super cool! 
The goodie bags... Me and my printer make such a good team...
Not the best picture... but, if you want easy cake decorations and a happy boy... just buy him a Lego set to build that you can  display it on the cake... A win win! (I suggested buying a set... because the idea of the Legos he's spent countless hours with on top of the cake... just didn't seam that appetizing)
One of the most important elements to this party... was to have it at night so they could have complete darkness... for battles... 10 boys with Lightsabers may not sound like a good idea...but the battles were required to be in slow motion... I am happy to announce that no injuries occurred...
You know you've thrown a good party ... when your sons friends still come up to you and say how much fun they had...  Birthday parties don't have to cost a lot of money to be fun!  If you use your imagination the possibilities are endless...

May the force be with you...


  1. I love this! Can you tell me where you found clear pvc pipe for the light sabers?! I'm searching frantically for clear pipe and coming up short! I love this light saber so much more than a pool noodle!

    Thanks for the idea - I hope I can pull it off!

    1. Hi! So glad to pass the idea along :)
      They (home improvement store)called it clear PVC pipe, but is is more like a tubing... Here is a link for Home Depot, but any home improvement store should have something like it.
      I just walked around with my pipe pieces and played around with the fit of them, until I had something I liked... Oh and you will also need pipe glue(which is purple) Hope this helps... May the force be with you ;)

  2. Also where did you get the handle wrap printables. Thanks

  3. Oh for some reason my first comment didn't post. With with tubing on the light sabers how did you get it to go straight? I was thinking about maybe putting a wooden dowl down it to help, but not sure. Do you mind letting me know. Thanks

    1. Hi! After they were constructed... we laid them on the floor, and piled a few heavy objects on them for a day or so. If I remember right I think we also just bent them in the opposite direction they were leaning... you might be able to use a blow dryer or heat gun if they are being stubborn.

      As for the wraps I used for the handles... I just googled lightsaber handles & lightsaber printables... and then copy/pasted the image to a word doc. I then enlarged/ cropped them to the size I wanted, making sure to leave enough room on the sides so once printed... the paper wrapped around the handle. Here are a few I found...

      I hope that helps... And your party is a success!